Social media, the highlight reel of our lives. I have a very polarizing, love / hate relationship with social media. I am a girl who is on social media all the time. Both for my personal brand AND as my real job. My life is social media based. On one hand it’s great! It’s a … Continue Reading

New week, new me, right? January 15th-21st One ; Wholefoods, Lillehammer and Skating. This week was pretty mundane, but I thought, why not share it anyway. On Sunday night I am always excited for the week ahead, it’s like a fresh start. But, I won’t lie, my Monday this week wasn’t great. I went to … Continue Reading

Skin care is one of my hobbies. Seriously, I have a few topics that I could talk about (or rant about) for hours & skin is one of them. I love glowing, smooth, healthy skin. For me, my skin is a huge tell in regards to how I am doing. When I am extremely stressed, … Continue Reading

My lazy girl salad. I thought I would throw a quick recipe in for you guys because we all have to eat right? & if we aren’t eating right, it will show. I’m the type of person who somewhat goes through phases with food. Right now this body pretty much runs on: salad, smoothies, sweet … Continue Reading

Hello Her Everyday Life in 2018. I’m so excited for a change in year because 2017 was a little rough for me, not going to lie. I’ll consider 2017 a little bit of a write off because in hind sight I didn’t do very much that was overly productive. Out with the old, in with … Continue Reading

I thought since I am at the five month point, now would be a appropriate time to share an update with you gals ( and guys). An update on what? Well, my copper IUD aka welcome to the blood bath. If you haven’t heard, I had a copper IUD inserted on July 8th 2017, because … Continue Reading

Welcome to my everyday life, literally. Specifically Vlog One Puppy Love.  Since vlogging is so popular and I get 3-4x the engagement on my instastories as opposed to my instagram feed, I thought why not. I think we are starting to move away from overly curated content ( because we all know that no one … Continue Reading

I’ve always been a notably calm person. I’m not an extremist in my emotions (typically). I don’t cry very easily, I don’t get overly excited, sad, or mad. I am very level headed and able to handle my emotions well. That was the case. Until this year. For the first time in my life I … Continue Reading