Hey lovlies! How was your weekend? Good I hope! What did you get up to? Tell me about it! So, I am back with another exercise routine post. Check out my summer or fall exercise routines to check out past exercise routines. Okay let’s talk my winter exercise routine. This winter has been a transitional … Continue Reading

Hey guys! How’s your week going? Good I hope! Okay, so. I just recently told you about my goals of 2017 & one of which was to travel more. & I will travel more… I promise you that. In the spirit of travel, I thought I would gather a list of my travel essentials for … Continue Reading

Well everyone, welcome to 2017. Who is excited about this fresh start? I know I am, I always love a new beginning. Okay, so I have to be honest. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. But, I do believe in setting little goals & thinking about what I really want to see, accomplish or … Continue Reading

Wow. I can’t believe this year is already (soon to be) over. It feels like I was just graduating IHN, moving back home and getting ready to start my blog. This year has truly been a learning experience and the best year of my life… thus far. The best way to describe this year for … Continue Reading

Christmas always comes and goes so fast, don’t you think? I mean, it’s already over. My mom and I were talking, and Christmas doesn’t have any religious element in my family. Christmas is about time with family and friends, food and gifts. & I think that’s just fine. What is Christmas about for you guys? … Continue Reading

I need to give you a little re-cap on my life. I haven’t been as activate as I’d like to be on my blog, but that is going to change over the next couple of weeks. I’ve just been so busy. Let me rewind to October 29th. On October 29th I moved to Toronto. I … Continue Reading

I hadn’t planned on writing about this because well, I didn’t bring a decent camera with me to take pictures. & in my opinion the images are SO important. But, as I was going through the pictures I thought, why not? It was a super cool event, so how could I not share it. Right? … Continue Reading

So, I am somewhat a coffee enthusiast. I truly LOVE a good cup of coffee, couldn’t you tell? It’s the best way to start the day and it’s fun/ cute to stop, and work from a little coffee shop. Don’t you think? On that note, I thought I would share with you some of my … Continue Reading