Over the past year or so I have come to realize how important passion is in life. As a teenager, I always thought I was just lazy. I HATED working. Like hated it more than anything. I have worked numerous jobs ( at a coffee shop, a super market, as a swimming instructor etc.) and … Continue Reading

Happy Valentines Day lovelies! What are your plans for your day / evening? Please share. My theme for V Day this year is freshness. You can take that however you want, but that is how I would describe it. Lots of newness in my life lately… SO today, I am here to tell you what … Continue Reading

This topic is probably one of the most personal I’ve ever talked about, but I think it’s important to somewhat share my experience. I have it, so I might as well share, right? Recently I have come out of a long term relationship. I was with someone for five years, which is basically my whole … Continue Reading

Hey guys! How’s your week going thus far? Anything worth chatting about? Let me know. What do I have to say about my week so far, hmm…yesterday I spilt battery acid all over myself…. but baking soda and water came to my rescue and cleared that up. Yeah, that’s pretty much been the excitement of … Continue Reading

This topic plays off of my last post {my rough 2 weeks} because well, it’s about the strep throat I contacted, then the antibiotics that follow. I’m not here to tell you about how bad antibiotics are for you. & if you didn’t know they were that bad, I’m telling you, they are THAT BAD. … Continue Reading

I have had a rough two weeks & I’ve decided that I’m going to tell you about it. This is dedicated to those gals (or guys) who are having a rough time right now and need someone to relate to. It’s been one of those periods of time, that feels like everything is piling up … Continue Reading

New year, new products, right? So, lately I have been feeling pretty meh about my makeup routine. I am the kind of person who needs to switch things up fairly often. Whether that be my hair, beauty routine, work environment, exercise routine… change is crucial in my life. If I don’t have change I get … Continue Reading

Hey lovlies! How was your weekend? Good I hope! What did you get up to? Tell me about it! So, I am back with another exercise routine post. Check out my summer or fall exercise routines to check out past exercise routines. Okay let’s talk my winter exercise routine. This winter has been a transitional … Continue Reading