I have a few “must haves” when it comes to beauty up keep. One, being my nails. I get a shellac manicure every 3-4 weeks and I swear it makes all the difference. It really refines your whole appearance. PLUS the place I go (IVY NAILS) costs $20 for shellac removal and a fresh mani. … Continue Reading

So ladies and gentlemen, I have been specifically asked to write more about relationships / love and boys. You ask and I will deliver. Plus, I’ve been writing travel posts so much lately ( meaning more are coming your way) that it’s nice to talk about something other than Europe for a quick minute. I … Continue Reading

Welcome to Nice France! Let me take you through my 24 hour stint in the city.   The Agenda We ( by we, I mean me a Gum) took off at 6AM from Schipol Airport, and within a couple hours we landed in Nice. I haven’t seen a palm tree in years so that was … Continue Reading

Iceland. A place like no other. The whole vibe of Iceland is very stark rigid and rough. Not the most gorgeous words to describe something, but I mean these terms in the best way possible. The landscape was like nothing I had ever seen. The landscape changes at every turn. You go from a rocky … Continue Reading

Hey ladies and gents, long time no talk. I’ve been very busy lately – moving + leaving for a month long trip all at the same time can do that to you. + stressed! & these three things combined means I have been extremely uninspired to write. But, I am back today to talk all … Continue Reading

Let’s talk about March 2017. Events, restaurants, stores, products… all of that stuff. March marked the start of my apartment search. I am a picky person & I have a few non-negotiables ( aka I hate parkade flooring & can’t live in a place with it) so the search is still on. The date I … Continue Reading

We are getting personal again and talking about the dreaded UTI ( aka a urinary tract infection). If you have had one before, then you know why I call it dreaded, and if you haven’t had one before you are very very lucky. I’ve had three (ish) UTI’s in my life time (that i’ve treated … Continue Reading

Okay, so. This is a topic I could literally talk about forever. I could write an essay about it because I have a lot to say about the birth control pill. To be honest, I hate it, I truly do… but I don’t want a baby at this point in my life so it’s the … Continue Reading