Okay guys. So typically I’m sitting here telling you what to do. Recipes to try, foods to eat, wellness tips to try, places to travel to… but today is different. Today I am going to tell you WHAT NOT TO DO, when it comes to hair.

So here it is, a hair story.

I’m a blonde.

I feel as though it is part of my identity. But, in late February of 2017 I wanted to be more blonde, like Daenerys Targaryen blonde. So instead of going to a salon to have this done, I thought it would be a good idea to try doing it myself.

After watching, a few youtube videos (which made it look fool proof) off I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply, to purchase some bleach, developer, and toner. It was a Saturday afternoon and after about an hour in the bathroom applying all of my products, I walked out looking like a cheetah. I had a mixture of grey, orange and brown hair.

So guess what? I ran back to Sally’s that afternoon for more product, threw it on my head and now my hair was a silverish grey at the ends with bright orange roots. At this point I knew I was doomed, so I thought I would give my hair a day to rest then try to fix it the next day.

Come the next day, I spent about four hours trying to fix the mess I had created with no luck. To be honest I’m pretty certain it was becoming more and more orange.

This is when I knew that I had to use my emergency bottle of hair dye. In medium brown. I threw that on my head and because my hair was so porous from the over processing, it turned out to be more of a dark brown in colour.

a hair story, brunette hair in toronto ontario wearing a black skirt and thigh high boots

I think I had a little identity crisis at this point in my life because I’m not a brunette, I’m a blonde and that was taken away. Needless to say, I was pretty desperate to be a blonde again but I knew that I had to give my hair at least a solid month before I processed it again.

I waited and waited.

Once the month was up (it is now late March) I headed over to a hair salon and had the lightening process started. This first visit brought my hair from a dark brown to what I would consider a light brown.

About three weeks later I had another appointment to bring it back to blonde so I could be a blonde for my Europe trip. During this appointment I had my hair done balayage style. My roots were toned (but not highlighted as these were the most damaged part) and the ends were highlighted a beautiful blonde. After this appointment I was warned that the glowing orange roots I had created, would probably start popping through in a couple months… & this proved to be true.a hair story, brunette hair in toronto ontario wearing a black skirt and thigh high boots

a hair story, brunette hair in toronto ontario wearing a black skirt and thigh high boots

In June, I went for ANOTHER appointment and finally I was back to my original colour.

I essentially processed my hair every month for four months straight, therefore I’ve had to be very gentle with it.

I am lucky that I have strong hair or I’m pretty sure I would have no hair at this point. My hair is at the point where it is slightly damaged but not to the point where it will take years to repair.

So, I have had to coddle my hair for the past four months, and will have to continue to do so for probably a year in order to restore it.

Moral or the story; don’t try to dye your hair blonde at home, it never works out. & maybe don’t try to be TOO blonde, because it is extremely harsh on your hair.

a hair story, brunette hair in toronto ontario wearing a black skirt and thigh high boots

A few hair care tips I’ve been practicing;

// Washing my hair every three (or four) days ; this prevents it from drying out.

// The three day rule when it comes to heat styling; Day one: wash it, blow dry it and style it. Day Two: no washing, slight touch ups with heat. Day three: no heat styling, put it in some pigtail braids or a cute pony tail.

// A break from dying it. I haven’t processed my hair in over four months and that’s done it wonders. I am due for a touch up soon, but giving my hair this solid break was crucial.

// Gentle touch when it comes to brushing my hair. I only use a comb and I make sure to hold my hair, brush the ends first, then do the top.

// Only scrunchies or plastic elastics, they cause less breakage.

// A good hair mask once a week. I love any of the Andalou hair masks.

// Beauty from the inside out aka. focusing on plenty of healthy fats, vitamins ( C / B Complex / Zinc ) & plenty of water.

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