My lazy girl salad. I thought I would throw a quick recipe in for you guys because we all have to eat right? & if we aren’t eating right, it will show.

I’m the type of person who somewhat goes through phases with food. Right now this body pretty much runs on: salad, smoothies, sweet potato, nut butters and coffee. With a little bit of liquorice all sorts and coconut bliss ice cream mixed in.

This is my go-to lunch as of late and I really mean my go-to. I pretty much eat my lazy girl salad everyday. It’s quick, easy, healthy & the clean up is minimal. I LOVE cooking, it’s therapeutic for me. BUT, whenever I cook I know that the clean up is waiting on the other side. So, I came up with a lunch that is basically no clean up.

The “recipe” isn’t even a recipe, it’s more of a collection of ingredients. I base this salad off of what I have in my apartment + how hungry I’m feeling. Learning to listen to your body when it comes to food is key.

lazy girl salad recipe, a salad with spring mix, sunflower seeds, tofu plus nuts and seeds

That’s it! & I am obsessed with this. For more recipes I am obsessed with look below.

+ turmeric cauliflower

+ mint smoothie

+ skinny oatmeal cookies


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