Skin care is one of my hobbies. Seriously, I have a few topics that I could talk about (or rant about) for hours & skin is one of them.

I love glowing, smooth, healthy skin. For me, my skin is a huge tell in regards to how I am doing.

When I am extremely stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, tired, sad etc. My skin will show you.

Sometimes it shows me things I don’t even realize at the time. My skin will be glowing and gorgeous one day, then two days later I’ll wake up and it’s not so glowing anymore. In typical Savannah fashion, I’ll have a WTF moment and question how this could happen. Then I’ll take a step back and think.

When I do this I’ll think back to the past few days, or the past week and realize what the cause could be. Whether it be that I haven’t been sleeping well or I’ve been stressed out, I am able to discover the cause.

+ When I breakout it tends to be on my chin and jaw line. Areas associated with stress (& hormones).

As important as emotional balance is for my skin, I do find that a nice facial or a good mask make a big difference. I lack hydration in the winter time so a hydration mask it is!

This mask is a dream come true for me, especially in the winter time. It has antibacterial + antiviral properties, plus it is extremely hydrating.

hydration mask, Toronto Ontario Canada, in the shower with a green face mask made with spirulina, honey, oatmeal

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