New week, new me, right? January 15th-21st One ; Wholefoods, Lillehammer and Skating.

This week was pretty mundane, but I thought, why not share it anyway. On Sunday night I am always excited for the week ahead, it’s like a fresh start. But, I won’t lie, my Monday this week wasn’t great. I went to bed grumpy on Sunday night and woke up pretty much the same.

I started my morning as per usual. I turned on my oil diffuser, added numerous drops of peppermint ( great for energy + sore muscles), and put my coffee on to brew. I enjoyed my coffee w/ some lite coconut milk, then headed to the gym. I do workout 4-5 times a week because not only do I feel better physically, but mentally as well.

skating on the bentway with my boyfriend Toronto Ontario Canada in the winter time One ; Wholefoods, Lillehammer and Skating

I did my workout, it took me 40 minutes. In and out. Got home and showered. I’m OCD about showering or at least washing my face as soon as I can after the gym. Next was breakfast, 90% of the I have a protein smoothie after my workout.

My morning routine is very sacred to me and it is my absolute favourite time of the day.

After that I like to get ready, I can literally get ready in about 15 minutes ( unless it’s hair washing day) and head to a coffee shop to get some work done. I never work at home, especially in the morning, because if I do I won’t work.

Monday was just a grumpy, gym, coffee, unproductive day. No reason for it. On Tuesday my boyfriend and I went skating on The Bentway. It was a cute activity. I haven’t been skating in years so it was a good change of pace. We also tried a new restaurant, Tabule. I would give it a 6.5 / 10. I’m just a creature of habit so I like my go to spots. Kupfurt & Kim | Planta | Hello 123, to name a few.

skating on the bentway with my boyfriend Toronto Ontario Canada in the winter time One ; Wholefoods, Lillehammer and Skating

skating on the bentway with my boyfriend Toronto Ontario Canada in the winter time One ; Wholefoods, Lillehammer and Skating

Wednesday was another grumpy day for me. Again no particular reason, I just never feel as joyous in the dead of winter. If I have a bad day it typically doesn’t start until the mid afternoon, but this week my mornings were my less ideal moments and my afternoons brightened up. Weird.

Wednesday evening was simple but cute. I took a bath, made my boyfriend and I dinner, then we basically spent the rest of the evening watching Netflix. We have been loving foreign shows lately. Dark, Le Mante and Frozen Dead are what we have watched so far.

On another note I have made a goal for 2018. This is to stay off my phone until 9am and be off by 9pm. I would say thus far it’s going pretty well.

I tend to get restless in the evening so on Thursday evening I decided to go for a walk after dinner. It wasn’t long, only about half an hour, but it’s nice to get up and move. It breaks up the night.

Friday was a good quiet day. I did my usual morning routine. I washed my hair today, I only wash my hair about twice a week in the winter time, because it is pretty dry. I had a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and did some work. I plan on sharing my morning routine with you guys soon. I’m just deciding if I want to only write about it OR do a video as well. Any opinions?

We have a busy weekend so Friday night was very calm. We went for another walk and grabbed a tea at our favourite tea place. It is called Plentea. If you are in Toronto, you have to try it. Any of the black or chai based teas are my favorite. Our walk lasted over an hour. When we got home we cozied up and spent the majority of the night watching Lillyhammer.

The weekend was a mismatch of events. Some food, lots of Netflix, a Wholefoods visit, baths & a recipe I plan to share. Saturday was full of errands. My boyfriend and I did our weekly Wholefoods trip, and a little bit of shopping. I don’t buy the majority of my groceries at Wholefoods. Just a few special things.

On Sunday we went to the small town of Elora. It’s fairly picturesque, probably better in the Summer / Fall but it was nice to leave the city for a few hours and have a change in environment. I feel stagnant fairly easily, so I have to change things up a lot.

I also made banana muffins on Sunday night. I make these all the time and I will be filming it for you soon.

Anyway, that’s my week in a nut shell.

+ check out my first vlog

Love Savannah.

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