Social media, the highlight reel of our lives. I have a very polarizing, love / hate relationship with social media. I am a girl who is on social media all the time. Both for my personal brand AND as my real job. My life is social media based.

On one hand it’s great! It’s a creative outlet, it’s a great way to connect with people, a free way to market your brand / business, it supplies us with inspiration + ideas and is great when you are travelling.

But on the other hand, it’s not always a healthy place. It can be so glamorous and obviously fake. Social media is very good at giving the illusion of a perfect life. We are all human, none of us, have a completely perfect life.

It is hard not to compare yourself and this is something I do struggle with. But I always try to remember that social media is the highlight reel of a persons life. People share the nights when they are all dressed up, with their sexy dress and beautiful makeup. When they are jet setting to a cool location with beautiful scenery. When they are eating at a restaurant with aesthetically pleasing food.

You never ( or very very rarely) see someone post an image, when just woke up and realize that their face has broken out. Or when they are wearing a boring outfit to run to the grocery store.

Social media is not reality. It is a very small snap into someones life and you never know what is really going on behind the photo.

the highlight reel social media, instagram images, at wholefoods, in Toronto Ontario and at IKEA

I can speak personally that so many of my instagram photos do have beautiful memories behind them. The events going on in my reality at the time were perfect, and I am so lucky to have those memories. But of course, with the good, comes not so good moments. I do have images that look fun, or pretty or exciting. But, I know that at that time, my reality wasn’t really those things. Whether it be that I was just having a bad day, my skin was having a rough moment, or my boyfriend and I were actually fighting. It isn’t always what it seems.

Always remember. We live in a world where Facetune costs $5, and we all know how powerful good lighting and a good filter are. These elements can take a photo from a 6 to a 10 in about 3 minutes.

With all of this being said, I have started using social media with more purpose + intention. I will find myself endlessly scrolling once in awhile, but I have made a conscious effort to dial that down. There is no point, it’s a waste of time and it doesn’t serve me. Now, I use social media when I need to. To post photos, or engage with people. I have said this a few times but I am going to say it again. A big change that I have made this year is staying away from my phone until 9AM and I am off it by 9PM. Try it.

There you have my mini social media rant. Stay tuned for my weekly update, going live tomorrow!

xoxo Savannah.

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