I am FINALLY writing my Amsterdam travel guide. Which I visited hmm five(ish) month ago. BUT, better late than never, right? This was my second time visiting Amsterdam & it never fails to disappoint. I highly recommend going if you like a fun, relaxed, environment, full of culture & good times. Fav. Food + Drink … Continue Reading

Monaco. A city of yachts and twenty five dollar cocktails. Yes seriously, cocktails cost $25 & cappuccinos cost $15. I have never visited a city that exuded so much wealth. & not just wealth but million (or billion) dollar wealth. Think all the fancy stuff. The stores, the yachts, the clothing, the cars…it is a … Continue Reading

Welcome to Nice France! Let me take you through my 24 hour stint in the city.   The Agenda We ( by we, I mean me a Gum) took off at 6AM from Schipol Airport, and within a couple hours we landed in Nice. I haven’t seen a palm tree in years so that was … Continue Reading

Iceland. A place like no other. The whole vibe of Iceland is very stark rigid and rough. Not the most gorgeous words to describe something, but I mean these terms in the best way possible. The landscape was like nothing I had ever seen. The landscape changes at every turn. You go from a rocky … Continue Reading