Hello Her Everyday Life in 2018. I’m so excited for a change in year because 2017 was a little rough for me, not going to lie. I’ll consider 2017 a little bit of a write off because in hind sight I didn’t do very much that was overly productive. Out with the old, in with … Continue Reading

I thought since I am at the five month point, now would be a appropriate time to share an update with you gals ( and guys). An update on what? Well, my copper IUD aka welcome to the blood bath. If you haven’t heard, I had a copper IUD inserted on July 8th 2017, because … Continue Reading

I’ve always been a notably calm person. I’m not an extremist in my emotions (typically). I don’t cry very easily, I don’t get overly excited, sad, or mad. I am very level headed and able to handle my emotions well. That was the case. Until this year. For the first time in my life I … Continue Reading