Hey lovlies! How was your weekend? Good I hope! What did you get up to? Tell me about it! So, I am back with another exercise routine post. Check out my summer or fall exercise routines to check out past exercise routines. Okay let’s talk my winter exercise routine. This winter has been a transitional … Continue Reading

It’s been at least a couple weeks since we talked about the challenge I am doing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click HERE to get the whole introduction to the six week rapid transformation challenge. Moving on to your update. It’s been going well. I am definitely not following the diet … Continue Reading

The challenge. I have been saying that a lot recently, so I think it’s time I explain what I mean. Over the next six weeks, I will be participating in what is called “The Six Week Rapid Transformation Challenge”, with Forme Fitness gym inToronto.   What is the challenge? A rapid transformation, that is all … Continue Reading

A few years ago I remember saying: “ You know what? I hate hiking”. & that wasn’t a false statement, at the time I wasn’t a fan. But, over the past few months I have found a new appreciation for a good hike, and I have finally figured out why. I am a Fall hiking … Continue Reading

Welcome back guys. We are literally in the final week of September and I can’t believe it. This month went by so fast! I’m super excited because I leave for Toronto tomorrow morning, so lots of content coming from that. I will be doing a Little Loves: Birthdays later this week/ stay tuned for that. … Continue Reading

Hey lovelies! Long time no talk. How has your week been going? Good I hope. What have you been up to? I’ve been doing a lot of inspiration searching and such, and I am finally feeling inspired again, thank goodness. So, let’s talk about exercise. Specifically my summer exercise routine! I am a very seasonal … Continue Reading

This is a long awaited piece for me. I have had this idea in my notebook since February, I was just waiting for the right time to do it and that time is finally here. The scoop on exercise is an opinion piece. These are some of my favourite pieces to write because I just … Continue Reading

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I have been waiting months and months to do this post because I knew I wanted the photos for it to be outdoor photos. + I wasn’t about to go into the forest in 5 feet of snow. I think you can understand why. … Continue Reading