Okay guys. So typically I’m sitting here telling you what to do. Recipes to try, foods to eat, wellness tips to try, places to travel to… but today is different. Today I am going to tell you WHAT NOT TO DO, when it comes to hair. So here it is, a hair story. I’m a … Continue Reading

Getting totally personal today and talking copper IUD insertion. After the nightmare I had with the birth control pill I knew I had to switch my form of contraception. I went to my gyno. we discussed my options, and decided that the copper IUD was right for me. Why? I knew the pill wasn’t working … Continue Reading

I have a few “must haves” when it comes to beauty up keep. One, being my nails. I get a shellac manicure every 3-4 weeks and I swear it makes all the difference. It really refines your whole appearance. PLUS the place I go (IVY NAILS) costs $20 for shellac removal and a fresh mani. … Continue Reading

So ladies and gentlemen, I have been specifically asked to write more about relationships / love and boys. You ask and I will deliver. Plus, I’ve been writing travel posts so much lately ( meaning more are coming your way) that it’s nice to talk about something other than Europe for a quick minute. I … Continue Reading

Hey ladies and gents, long time no talk. I’ve been very busy lately – moving + leaving for a month long trip all at the same time can do that to you. + stressed! & these three things combined means I have been extremely uninspired to write. But, I am back today to talk all … Continue Reading

We are getting personal again and talking about the dreaded UTI ( aka a urinary tract infection). If you have had one before, then you know why I call it dreaded, and if you haven’t had one before you are very very lucky. I’ve had three (ish) UTI’s in my life time (that i’ve treated … Continue Reading

Okay, so. This is a topic I could literally talk about forever. I could write an essay about it because I have a lot to say about the birth control pill. To be honest, I hate it, I truly do… but I don’t want a baby at this point in my life so it’s the … Continue Reading

The chemical peel, let’s talk about it. So, I think chemicals peels have a scary connotation linked with them. You basically think chemicals are going to be applied to your face and literally peel your skin off. AKA the Samantha Jones experience. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go watch Sex in the City… I … Continue Reading