We are getting personal again and talking about the dreaded UTI ( aka a urinary tract infection). If you have had one before, then you know why I call it dreaded, and if you haven’t had one before you are very very lucky. I’ve had three (ish) UTI’s in my life time (that i’ve treated … Continue Reading

Okay, so. This is a topic I could literally talk about forever. I could write an essay about it because I have a lot to say about the birth control pill. To be honest, I hate it, I truly do… but I don’t want a baby at this point in my life so it’s the … Continue Reading

Hey guys! How’s your week going thus far? Anything worth chatting about? Let me know. What do I have to say about my week so far, hmm…yesterday I spilt battery acid all over myself…. but baking soda and water came to my rescue and cleared that up. Yeah, that’s pretty much been the excitement of … Continue Reading

Can I share a little beauty secret with you? It’s something you may not expect. Bone broth. I have been loving bone broth lately. The day I arrived in Toronto- almost two weeks ago- I was craving it. I needed to have it. & of course when you are desperate for something you can’t find … Continue Reading

Long time no talk. The last time I posted was on Friday, which is already four days ago. I aim to post four times per week so that is a long time between posts. It’s not for lack of ideas that I am posting less, it’s just for lack of inspiration. In regards to my … Continue Reading

So, we all lead busy and different lives. Some of us work 9-5 jobs, others are students with part time jobs, some of us are stay at home mothers. Me? I’m a blogger, I basically work for myself, for free at this point ( & love it) but it is very busy. My days aren’t … Continue Reading

This is a long awaited piece for me. I have had this idea in my notebook since February, I was just waiting for the right time to do it and that time is finally here. The scoop on exercise is an opinion piece. These are some of my favourite pieces to write because I just … Continue Reading

Sun protection is my number one skin care secret and practise. I’m the girl who won’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, typically a sun hat and if possible I don’t even go in the sun, I opt for shade. I am very passionate about sun protection and have been for years. But, don’t … Continue Reading