A new week, a new dark and stormy smoothie. I become smoothie obsessed in the summer time & could literally have smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, expect a few new smoothie recipes coming your way. Any requests? Let me know. This one is very blueberry based. Hello antioxidants + brain boosting elements! & … Continue Reading

Ah pumpkin spiced latte season, a trademark of Fall time. I think everyone is either obsessed with the pumpkin spiced latte or has at least tried it. Right? There are probably a million pumpkin spiced latte recipes out there. Today I am just sharing with you how I make mine. Think super simple, because let’s … Continue Reading

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I just got back from Toronto a couple days ago, and it was a great time. I went to a few fab. restaurants and explored some areas that had really good vibes. The reason I was there, is because I am now working for Elle Daftarian, helping her run her blog … Continue Reading

Okay guys. This is a good one. I literally eat this at least 4-5 times per week and I can’t believe I have never taken the time to share it. But today is the day. + Cody LOVES this “recipe”. He can’t get enough. & I have to say. I am not a huge kale … Continue Reading

Sunday. One of the most relaxing days of the week. My Sundays typically revolve around coffee/ cooking / eating & maybe some exercise. What about yours? This Sunday was no different. Cody came over for a sauna ( so good for the skin) and some coffee. I made my pumpkin spiced lattes & shared the … Continue Reading

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your week went well. My week has been decent. I am feeling very stressed, I have a lot on my mind & a lot of big discussions to make in the coming months. I will be talking about this later on, to be honest, it makes things more clear to … Continue Reading

Happy Sunday everyone! What did you get up to this weekend? Anything exciting? Please share! My weekend was pretty relaxed. We celebrated my Dads birthday on Friday night. Some friends/ family came over, and we had a bon fire and some drinks. Cody left for school this morning so we spent all day Saturday together. … Continue Reading

As I sit here writing this, I can feel fall in the air. There is an underlying coolness in the breeze and I am ecstatic. I LOVE fall time. The weather, the clothing, the food ( aka butternut squash) and in my house, it is birthday month. This means, lots of birthday themed posts in … Continue Reading