Happy Friday everyone. I hope your week went well. My week has been decent. I am feeling very stressed, I have a lot on my mind & a lot of big discussions to make in the coming months. I will be talking about this later on, to be honest, it makes things more clear to … Continue Reading

As I sit here writing this, I can feel fall in the air. There is an underlying coolness in the breeze and I am ecstatic. I LOVE fall time. The weather, the clothing, the food ( aka butternut squash) and in my house, it is birthday month. This means, lots of birthday themed posts in … Continue Reading

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday because this week has been a long one. It has been one of those weeks where I have felt so busy and scattered brained. I have going going going from morning until evening and have literally gotten nothing done, because I was just re-doing the same things … Continue Reading

So, welcome back everyone. It is now Tuesday, thought it feels like a Monday, because of the long weekend. Therefore, I am going to act as if it is Monday. So, I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did- it was a beautiful weekend. I got plenty of sun (maybe even … Continue Reading

With the weather warming up, I am once again getting back into smoothies. Let me tell you a little history about myself. There was a point in my life- about two or three years ago- where I would only consume smoothies for lunch. I had a smoothie a day for at least a year long … Continue Reading

I intended this to be a smoothie, but after making it, drinking it, and thinking about it for a few days, I thought it was very similar to a Starbucks frappuccino. If you want to look at this as a healthy frappucino, great. Why do I say great? Well, if you choose to drink this, … Continue Reading

This recipe is truly, a tried and tested recipe. It has taken about two years to get it perfect, but, it is finally refined enough, for me to share with you guys. I know some of my readers are gluten free, therefore, I though they would really appreciate a gluten free recipe post. My gluten … Continue Reading

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching so, I wanted to create something for this event. Obviously it had to be something pink and I thought the strawberries and chocolate theme was a good idea. I decided to go with a smoothie bowl because for one they are very easy to make, two they are good for … Continue Reading